As we all know there have been deadly fires all over the great country of Australia. It has caused extensive damage to the island, its people and the wildlife. At BBB, we want to give back and help the people and animals in need. We are honored to lend a helping hand in anyway we can and would love the our amazing community to gather and support these wonderful people and animals. While the island can be rebuilt as time goes on, the people and animals need the basic necessities: Food, Gas, Water, Personal Hygiene Products, Medical Care, etc.  100% of the profits will be split between Humans/Animals donated to 4 great organizations to help them in need. 


**No Subscription Needed, Anyone can order :)**


**LEOTARDS** (Size Chart in the Pictures)

1. Sunset Koala Tree - Available in CXS 5-6 & AXS ONLY!

2. Grey Koala Heads - Available in CXS through CXL. NO CM

3. Ombra Koala - Available in CXXS 3-4T, CXS 5-6 & CXL 12 ONLY.


1. Rainbow Koala 

2. Sunset Koala - Matches the Sunset Leotard

3. Ombre Koala - Matches the Ombre Koala 

4. Koala/Flag

(Size Chart) - Small (Under 70 pounds), Medium (70-90 pounds), Large (Over 90 Pounds)



1. Leotard Only - $34.99

2. Wrist Bands Only - $20.00

3. Leotard + Wristbands - $54.99

4. Leotard + BOX Set - $45.99

5. Leotard + Wristbands + BOX Set - $65.99

(You can order more than 1 leotard, wristband or any combination above)


*Make these into a Box Set which includes a mini stuffed koala, koala themed sports thin headband or hair tie set, and either a *Strong Girls* Sling Bag, Inspiration Bangle Bracelet, Squishy, BBW Hand Sanitizer, LipBalm, Bath Bomb, Pre-Wrap or KeyChain. YOU Pick*


We will be taking orders through January 13th, 2019. (Or while supplies last) PLEASE check by each Leotard to see if you size is available, we will update as sizes sell out. Once all orders are in are received we will place the orders with the manufacturer. The Leotards are coming from Canada so they will take appx. 2 weeks to receive to us, the Wrist Bands are being Custom Made, so they will take appx. 2 weeks to receive. I would guesstimate appx. Early February they will ship out. These are estimated time frames but as soon as we receive them we will promptly ship :)


Size Questions: Send us an e-mail :)


**If Leotard or Wrist Band Only is purchased, it is not sent in a box**

**No coupons/discounts can be applied towards this item** 

*Australia Strong* Leotard or Box Set

Leotard, WristBands or Box Set
  • Please note, if you order more than 1 leotard (Or Box) the shipping calculator is not working correctly and you will be refunded for the overage when item ships.

    We will be taking orders through September 13tht, 2019. (Or while supplies last) Once all orders are received we will place the orders. This is CUSTOM Fabric which takes appx. 2 weeks to make, once make, then sewn leotards then ship to us. I would guesstimate appx. 2-3 weeks. These are estimated time frames but as soon as we receive them we will promptly ship :)

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