In your Disney Deluxe Subscription Box you will receive several fun disney-fanatic items plus added Goodies. *Items will be chosen based upon your preference :)

Disney Deluxe Box

SKU: 0004
  • Each Disney Deluxe Box will include several fun themed items based upon age and perference. Shirts, Waterbottles, Hats, Ears, Hair Bows, Jewerly, Pins, Luggage Tags, Kitchen Items, Desk Items, Home Items, Plush, Small Toys, Treats, etc. Items that your Disney Loving Self (Or Receiver) will squeal with joy! 


    *Note* Due to the size of the items, these boxes may or may not come in our white Company Box and may require a larger box.


    *Disclaimer: You are purchasing a gift box and choosing the them to be Disney Related Items. The Name Disney is a trademark name and no infringement is intended. We do not make any claims or being related or associated with or using intellectual property rights associated with Disney.