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We know times have been touch lately but we know she is TOUGHER and has more determination and grit to get her through this! What better way to brighten up her day and lookt forward to the future when she can get back to doing what she loves than our Empowerment Box! Each Box includes a fun Leotard - Either Empowerment Print or Non Themed Print (we will send a survery where you can choose brands, styles, colors, etc) + Fun Extra Goodies including an uplifting one!


Some examples shown of onces we have done.


*Box Set which includes a Leotard plus fun extra goodies such as Gymnast hair ties, Gymnast Bow, *Strong Girls* Sling Bag, Inspiration Bangle Bracelet, Squishy, Empowerment Journal/Pen (For her Goals, Dreams, etc.) LipBalm, Bath Bomb, Pre-Wrap or KeyChain. YOU Pick*


Size Questions: Send us an e-mail :)

**No Subscription Needed, Anyone can order :)**

**No coupons/discounts can be applied towards this item**

*Empowerment* Gymnastics Boxes

  • Empowerment Boxes take appx. 10-14 business days to process and ship once survey is received. Shipping time may vary (Including shipping sooner) but taking into account COVID.

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