In your Gymnastics 'Boutique' Box you will get a fun box with a Top Leading Brand Leotard PLUS a few added Goodies. Items will be chosen based upon your preference from the surve you fill out :)

Gymnast Boutique Box

Frequency of Subscription
  • Boutique Main Items will include a Top Brand Name Leotard PLUS added Goodies! Don't need a Leotard one month, no worries, we can do a fun gymnastic theme bundle with items such as: Shorts, Doll Leotard, Theme Items: Socks, Hair Bands, Key Chain, Pins, Grip Bag, Sling Bag, Water Bottle, etc. Great Brands such as GK Elite, Garland, Snowflake, Alpha Factor, Foxy's, Destira, Balera, MotionWear, Flip Flips, etc. *Based upon your preference. *Holiday Boxes have Holiday Themed Goodies.

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