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Our Boutique Box is our fun Basic No Frills Box, but there is nothing basic about! In your Gymnastics 'Boutique' Box you will get a fun box with a Top Leading Brand Workout Leotard, typically in a fun print in a tank or racer back style , PLUS a few added Goodies. Items will be chosen based upon your preference from the surve you fill out :) If you are looking for a more 'fancy' leotard (bling, strappy, etc.) or Holiday Prints, check ou our Deluxe or Signature Levels!

Gymnast Boutique Box

  • Boutique Main Items will include a Top Brand Name Workout Leotard PLUS added Goodies!  Option Fun items are: Socks, Hair Bands, Key Chain, Pins, MakeUp, Lotiosn, Bath Itesm, Sling Bag, Water Bottle, etc. Great Brands such as GK Elite, Garland, Alpha Factor, Foxy's, Destira, Balera, MotionWear, Flip Flips, etc. (If you are looking for other brands, check out or Deluxe or Signature Levels to find Plum, Under Armour, Dreamlight, etc.)  *Based upon your preference. *Holiday Boxes (only available in Deluxe or Higher) have Holiday Themed Goodies.

    *The Price Listed is for One Box - Each additional box, if you chose a multi subscription option, you will receive an invoice for.

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