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'Be Bold, Be Brave, BE UNSTOPABLE'


Introducing the Strong Girls Squad Sling Bag! Are you a #STRONG-GIRL? Our Dancers and Gymnasts are Strong and Fierce in more ways than one!


They work hard physically and emotionally. They train hard, dream big and never ever give up. They are smart and kind. They stand up for what is right and treat others with respect - You girls are BOLD. They work through mental blocks. They work through pain and even battle cancer - You girls are BRAVE! They manage school and practice. They may feel like they fail but they never give up and the minute they achieve the task at hand - You girls are UNSTOPABLE!


Join the #STRONG-GIRLS SQUAD today and show the world you are BOLD, you are BRAVE and you are UNSTOPABLE! 


Or Join our #STRONG-GIRLS SQUARD PRO! You will be featured on our social media pages for your Strong Girls STRENGTH, represent our Brand as a Brand Enthusest, receive a discount code and earn points to get FREE or Discount Items! Plus have access to our new #STRONG GIRL Gear. Do you know a STRONG GIRL? 


Our Sling Bags are made of 100% recycled non-woven fabric for a light weighr, yet durable bag. They are made by an all female team-#GIRLPOWER! And each month we will donate 100% of our Profits to a different foundation, organization or charity that represents #STRONG!


1. 'Muscle' - Gymnast Strong

2. 'Leaping' - Fierce Dancer

3. 'Flipping Gymnast' - Fierce Gymnast

**Please note: The Gymnast Strong 'Muscle' Bags are in and can ship right away. The other two styles are due to be in the first week in Oct.


**If Sling Bag Only is purchased, it is not sent in a box**

**No coupons/discounts can be applied towards this item**


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