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How do you know what to send?

*Once we received your order, in appx. 2-3 business days (during normal business hours Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays), a detailed survey is sent. It is sent to the e-mail address you used to place your order with. Please check spam as it is a Google Document that sometimes like to hide out in the spam folder. Please note: If the survey is missing details, we can not ship until we receive all details (we will send an e-mail). 

*Please be as open or as detailed as possible. We go by what you put on the survey. Example if you check off you like 5 different brands, please be okay if you are sent 1 of those. We would hate to hear 'Oh I wish I received X, even though I did check off Y.' Only check items YOU want :) Same goes for the 'Extras'

*With that being said, if you note certain brands or extra items you like that are not listed on the survey, we may not have access to those, so be sure you check at least a few items off on the survey as those are items we do carry.

*Regarding the extras. The box is only so big and can only way under 1 pound so we cannot include large, heavy, bulk items (Such as Pointe Shoes, Sweatshirts, Stainless Steal Waterbottles, Tutus's, etc.) We put the main focus and value in the main item (Leotard or 2PC Set). The extras are just that, something extra to add :)

I didn't get my Survey - HELP!

*Don't Panic, we won't send you box until we receive the survey :) It is not automated, we have to see which type of item/box you ordered so we know what type of survey to send.

*A detailed survey will be e-mailed within 2-3 business days, during normal business hours Monday-Friday (excludes weekends and holidays), to the e-mail address you used to sign up.

*Please check your spam folder. It likes to hide out in there sometimes :) 

*If you decide to use a different e-mail address to fill out the survey PLEASE let us know as we only get notified if a survey is filled out with the e-mail address we send it to.

When will I get in my box?

**NEW SUBSCRIBERS** (Regular Boxes)

*Once the survey is filled out, it takes appx. 10-14 business days (excludes weekends and holidays) to upload into our system, pick items, pack and process your order. *If we have a question or an item is not available that we have to special order, it could delay your order. We keep hundreds of items in stock, but sometimes we have to special order an item or we run out. We do not mass produce these and send the same thing in each box, so it takes a little time to personalize each box. 

*Sometimes we offer 'Ready to Ship' Boxes we post on Social Media. Those take appx. 3-5 business days (Or 5-7 business days to process during our Holiday Season) Please Note: These times are estimated as many variables go into each box.


(Including Flash/Special Sale Leotards - Custom Items)

*At times we will have special edition, limited edition or themed boxes. The ship time will we noted on the website when it will ship. For Special/Limited Edition Items, typically after we close the ordering for them, we then order the items (they are not ones we have in stock), and it takes appx. 1-2 weeks (2-3 weeks for Int'l Brands and Custom Items) to arrive and then we can process. Holiday Boxes will note on the site under the Holiday Listing, when it starts shipping. 


*Your method you used to sign up will be charged the same time each month for the length you chose in your subscription.

Cancel / Exchanges / Changes

  • If you need to cancel, please let us know by the 15th of each month. We never want you to feel locked in and we allow cancellations.

  • If you receive a 'main' item that you do not like or does not fit, no problem. We do allow exchanges for the 'main' items (Leotards, 2PC Sets.) No charges for an exchange, you will just need to pay shipping for the item to be exchanged and notify us in the same month it was received. Due to the nature of the boxes, they are Final Sale (No Returns/Refunds) but we do offer Exchanges on the 'Main Item' within 30 days of receiving it. We cannot accept a return/exchange past 30 days.

  • Once an item has been worn, used or washed the return/exchange policy is voided and we can no longer accept an item back. If an item becomes damaged after it is worn, used or washed, you will need to contact the manufacture since we do not produce these items and do not have a warranty on them. Unless it is a Custom Made piece by us. 

  • If a refund has to be issued (BEFORE an item is sent), starting 10/11/19; paypal/credit/debit cards do not refund the transaction fees, so the refund will be less the transaction fees (and shipping if it is a return).

  • Holiday, Flash Sale, Grab Bag Leotards, SO Powerful Collection & Custom Items are Final Sale (No Returns/Exchanges).

  • In the event we made an error in the main item (i.e sent the wrong size), we will issue a pre paid postage label to send item back. Once item is received, we will send the correct item out. We do not issue labels for change of mind, does not like, already has, etc. 

  • Change in address? Or need it to be shipped somewhere else? No Problem. Let us know before the 1st of the month. Please be sure to double check your address. All orders are shipped to the address provided in the payment, unless you let us know otherwise.

  • Did the subscriber of the box grow, or change 'taste'? Let us know so we can update your preferences. We will send out a new survey each year to update as well.

  • We cannot guarantee fit of item, but we try to send the correct size based upon the information you provide us. Please be as specific/accurate as possible for a perfect fit.

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