We know school this year make look a bit different. Some will be learning from home and some learning in the classroom. No matter where your school will take place, we'd like to make it extra special, like you!

Make going Back to School or Back to Gymnastics a little more special with our Back to School Box Set! Which includes a Deluxe Gymnastics or Signature Leotard (depending what level you pick) you choose the brand(s), colors(s), styles(s) YOU like!  PLUS includes some fun added Back to School Goodies. Such as a Fun Accessories for school, Bath & Body Works Type Items (Lotion/Hand Sanitizer, Bath Bombs, Face Mask), Fun Socks, Hair Band or Hair Bows, Notebook/Pencil or Pen Set, Jewelery, Hair Items (Brush, Scrunchies, etc.) PLUS more fun options to help make her Back to School Journey even better! *Based upon your preference that YOU want. (The Photos show an example of different types of Leotards we've sent out and all the different back to school extras. Each box includes 1 Leotard and a Couple (Typically 2-3) Extras) Each Photo is NOT One box :)


*Deluxe Brands may include, but not limited too: GK Elite, Plum, Foxy's, Destira, Garland, Ozone...just to name a few!

*Signature Brands may include, but not limited too: GK Elite Simone, Laurie, Dreamlight, Under Armour...just to name a few!

*Back to School* Gymnastics Deluxe Box

  • Back to School Boxes will begin Shipping the week of August 2nd, through the month of August. Once we receive your survey it will beging to process, pick, pack and ship.