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Celebrate the Holidays all Season long with our Holiday Themed Box Set! Which includes a Holiday Gymnastics Leotard chosen at random (some examples shown - not all prints we have are shown here, nor are all these prints available as some of these are from Prior Years)  We cannot guarantee a specific leotard, but we will try to honor requests if we can.


We offer Deluxe & Signature Levels.

Deluxe Level - Deluxe Holiday Leotard + Goodies

Signature Level - Deluxe Holiday Leotard + Shirt, Shorts or Leggings + Goodies (Also only Level for Gym Gear, SP & Certain Destira Leos) Or Signature Leotard + Goodies


BOTH LEVELS: PLUS includes some fun added Holiday Theme or Colored Goodies. Such as Hair Bows, Headbands, Bath & Body Type Items (Lotion/Hand Sanitizer, Bath Bombs), Socks, Earrings, Ornaments, Makeup, Jewerly, Crafts, Nail Polish, etc. *Based upon your preference that YOU want. Each box includes 1 Leotard and a Couple (Typically 2-3) Extras. (Signature received an additional item - Shorts, Shirts or Bra)


*Holiday Boxes start shipping Mid November. The earlier you order the better, as last year many styles/sizes sold out VERY FAST! We were sold out before December last year!


*The difference between the Deluxe and Signature Box is the value of the Leotard. Both include the same extras. Both include a Holiday Leotard. The Signature Box can either be a higher end Leotard or a Deluxe Leotard plus more extras - you can choose if you'd like.

*Holiday* Gymnastics Box

  • *Holiday Boxes start shipping  Mid November. Be sure to fill out the survey (that will be sent you within 2-3 business days) quickly so your order can be added to our que. We cannot add your order to begin processing until we receive a survey :) The earlier you order the better, as last year many styles/sizes out VERY FAST! These are only available till 12/15/23.

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