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This is a Pre-Selected Box. Unlike our traditional subscription box, this box already has the leotard selected, as shown. Or you can buy just the leotard! The Box Set will come with 3-4 fun extra goodies (examples shown and not necessarily what will come). If you choose the leotard only, it will not come in a box nor with extra goodies.


What a fun Holiday Silly Sweater Open Back Leotard by Foxy's. Perfect for the Holidays or even year round!
Sz. 7 (Fits 6-7/CI)

Sz. 12 (Fits 10-12/CXL)

Sz. AXS.


*We only have 1 in each size.

*A mini survey will be sent if the box set option in chosen to get her name and ideas of her likes for the extra goodies.

**No coupons/discounts can be applied towards this order.

Holiday Sweater Leotard Box Set CI & CXL

  • Due to this being a pre-selected item, all sales are Final. No returns or exchanges.

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