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Celebrate the Valentine's Day all Season long with our Valentine's Day Box Set! Which includes a lovely Holiday Color Leotard or Holiday Print Leotard, YOU CHOOSE . (Some prior seasons examples shown - not all styles we have are shown here nor are all that are shown are available as several are examples from past seasons, which we no longer have) You can give us suggestions, but, we cannot guarantee a specific leotard or set in this listing. Many options we have aren't shown.


*Deluxe Brands (Leotard + Extras) Include, but not limited to: GK, Plum, Foxy's, Anchor, Destira, Snowflake, Garland, etc.

*Signature Brands (Deluxe Leotard + Shorts, Shirt or Wristbands + Extras) Deluxe Brands listed above. Or Signature Brand (Leotard + Extras), GK Elite Signature, Anchor Elite, GymGear, SP, etc.


PLUS includes some fun added Holiday Theme or Colored Goodies. Such as Hair Bows, Headbands, Bath & Body Type Items (Lotion/Hand Sanitizer/Bath Bomb), Socks, KeyChains, Scrunchies, Earrings, Nail Polish, Makeup, etc. *Based upon your preference that YOU want. Each box includes 1 Leotard or Set and a Couple (Typically 2-3) Extras) 


*Codes cannot be used on Holiday Boxes.


*Valentine's Day* Gymnastics Box

  • *Holiday Boxes start shipping the week of Jan. 15th. The earlier you order the better as last year many styles/sold out VERY FAST!

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