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So Powerful


Are you our next So Powerful Girl Ambassador?! This was our first So Powerful Collection. Each month we will come out with a new collection. Each collection is unique and different just like you!

*What is a So Powerful Girl? A So Powerful Girl is a strong, dedicated and kind athlete. She is not only dedicated to her sport/art, she is dedicated to being kind and caring to others. She is the one that is cheering everyone on, she is the one that will be there when you have a bad day, and she works hard even if it does not come easy and never gives up! Each collection will have at least 1 foundation it will benefit.

1. Current Dancer or Gymnast - Age 6* and up (Age 5 is okay if they compete)
2. Maintain a positive, family friendly social media account (needs to have some content related to their sport) (Instagram, YouTube) of at least 1,000 legitimate  followers.
3. Post within 48 hours of the collection you represent on your page to introduce the new collection and yourself, as well as the foundation the collection is going towards. Post at least 2 photos in your item while the collection is live. If we offer a contest during the collection, re-post that. Then post the last day of the collection. You may post more times if you need as well. (We will send you the information of when we go live, have contests, etc.)

1. Receive a complimentary Leotard or Dance Set.
2. Help promote a fabulous Charity/Foundation
3. Help grow your social media influence to show the world how amazing YOU are!


**NOTE** This is different from our regular Ambassador/Brand Rep/Brand Enthusiast program (which will be launching soon!) This is just for the So Powerful Leotard Collection.

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